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Hog Farm Abuse Exposed | News

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Hog Farm Abuse Exposed
Hog Farm Abuse Exposed

An animal rights group is trying to stop a bill in Iowa that would make undercover recordings by whistle-blower groups illegal.

To prove their point, the group, Compassion Over Killing, released a video from a north Iowa hog facility in Leland.

The graphic images show piglets screaming while workers slice off their tails and cut out the males' genitals. It also shows disturbing video of the unsanitary facilities and of workers stuffing intestines back into the piglets after taking them out.

"What we're exposing is what the agribusiness industry is so desperate to hide and its what they want to do by banning our investigations by banning an ag-gag law," says Erica Meier with Compassion Over Killing.

The group says this particular facility in Leland is also a Hormel Foods Supplier.



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